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Campdogzz today debuted their song “Southern,” the third released off their forthcoming new album In Rounds, out tomorrow via 15 Passenger. "Southern" sounds like a battered pickup truck cruising down the back roads of America toward someone else's vision of the "Great South".  Jess Price's cracked and wily vocals never sound more self-assured as she literally 'laughs' in the face of her idealistic lover/driver. Listen to the searing track now HERE.

“Southern” follows lead single “Souvenir,” which premiered via Brooklyn Vegan in late May, and “Run Wild,” which premiered via a singer/guitarist Jess Price-directed video on Under The Radar earlier this month. In Rounds is available via 15 Passenger (Cursive’s label) HERE.

“‘Southern’ is a depiction of what it’s like to love the place you're from while being at odds with the dark sides of its culture. We tried to keep that push and pull in the instrumentation as well,” says guitarist/vocalist Mike Russell. “Lyrically, I think it’s Jess's best song, and it’s a song that could only be written well by someone with that kind of relationship to their home.”



Campdogzz premiered their video for “Run Wild,” off their forthcoming new album In Rounds, via Under The Radar. The clip -- directed by singer/guitarist Jess Price and filmed in her hometown of Tulsa, OK -- can also now be seen HERE. The video follows lead single “Souvenir,” which premiered via Brooklyn Vegan in late May. In Rounds will be released on August 3, 2018 and is available for pre-order HERE.

“The video is a visual representation of what, to me, is lush, visceral, spiritual Tulsa, OK. Most of what you see was shot on the North side and at the historic Colony. Featured is Lydia Cheshewalla (Roots and Ash, Holy Mother Collective) along with several other resident Tulsa artists and musicians, sculpture by Chris Wollard,” explains Price. “Those who live or have lived in the area will gladly attempt to describe it. Its sky. The way the winds rip and shift. Green country and how alive it is. Insects. The pull to come back. The heaviness that seems to always be in the air. It's an area that is in part progressing, yet is so acutely preserved. The song itself is more or less a person acknowledging patterns in their life. And the setting holds the heaviness of those patterns and the lightness of their revelations.”

Campdogzz head back out on the road next week for a run of dates beginning July 18th in Spring Green, WI. The band will then tour in support of In Rounds in August, playing Grand Rapids, MI, on the 2nd and making their way throughout the east coast and midwest before wrapping up on the 11th in Pittsburgh, PA -- including an August 8th show at Union Pool in Brooklyn, NY. A current itinerary is below.

Campdogzz tour dates: 

July 18 - Spring Green, WI @ Sh*tty Barn Sessions
July 19 - Neenah, WI @ Bazaar After Dark
July 20 - Appleton, WI @ Refuge Lounge
Aug 2 - Grand Rapids, MI @ Founders Brewing Co.
Aug 3 - Indianapolis, IN @ Hi-Fi
Aug 4 - Chicago, IL @ Hungry Brain
Aug 5 - Cleveland, IL @ Beachland Tavern
Aug 8 - Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool
Aug 9 - Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
Aug 10 - Washington, DC @ DC9
Aug 11 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Club Cafe
Sept 14 - Davenport, IA @ The Raccoon Motel


15 Passenger are honored to announce the signing of our first band, Campdogzz! Their epic album, In Rounds, is set for release on August 3, 2018. Campdogzz are such a great band and group of people, we are truly thrilled to be working with them. Campdogzz have premiered their first single “Souvenir” via Brooklyn Vegan, HERE. Campdogzz have premiered their first single “Souvenir” via Brooklyn Vegan with a link below. Described as “complete with crunchy but crystal clear guitars and some really strong hooks,” setting the tone of the album with a pulsating melody that’s as compelling as it is disquieting. In Rounds is available for pre-order via our 15 Passenger store ->

Campdogzz -- who have played with artists including Julien Baker, Big Thief, Sam Evian, and Field Report --  will embark on tour this summer, beginning July 6th in Madison, WI and including a stop on July 8th at West Fest in Chicago. The band will head back out on the road on August 2nd in support of In Rounds for a run of dates that includes an August 8th show at Union Pool in Brooklyn, NY. A current itinerary is below.

In Rounds is centered around driving rhythms, insistent dual guitars set in intriguing arrangements, and the haunting, evocative voice of Tulsa, OK-native Jess Price. Her melodies take on the shape of a storm making its way in -- and out just as soon. There’s a feeling of electricity, of winds shifting, a magical mix of both comfort and unease. The album was written partially in Chicago but mostly throughout the Southwest as Price and guitarist/vocalist Mike Russell traveled post-tour. Engulfed by desert, this starkness -- like the mercurial storms of Price’s native Oklahoma -- couldn’t help but seep into the songs. It was a period of collective change for the band as relationships began and ended, people moved and planted new roots. Everyone experienced some sort of massive life shift and the album serves as a reflection of that period, of growth and patience.

Price, who moved to Chicago to become a filmmaker, has spent her life writing songs. She never considered pursuing music, however, until her introduction to Russell and Nick Enderle (guitar, synth) while filming a documentary on their previous band, Suns. While Price is the main songwriter, Russell has been equally integral to the band from the start, shaping the sound and contributing a song completely of his own on each album. Campdogzz’s self-released 2015 debut album, Riders in the Hills of Dying Heaven, was the brainchild of solely the pair and came together quickly, but In Rounds represents a shift in their creative process. The new album is a more collaborative and intentional effort, written over a couple of years and recorded in 2017 in Chicago. Like its predecessor, In Rounds is self-produced, but this time with production assistance from engineer Nick Papaleo

Campdogzz are: Jess Price (vocals, guitar, organ), Mike Russell (guitar, backing vocals), Nick Enderle (guitar, synth), Andrew Rolfsen (bass), and Chris Dye (drums). Drums on In Rounds were played by Matt Evert.